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Who We support

We align with some amazing organizations, either via a cash donation, or through providing our endorsements, contacts, time and via sharing their great work.

Global Sisters (GS), Australian Charity 

A Charitable partner (recipient of cash donation)

Global Sisters

Global Sisters exists to enable women to lift themselves out of poverty forever. Globally micro finance is seen as a tool to achieve this end. We believe that micro finance alone is not enough for disadvantaged women in Australia to create sustainable, profitable business. We believe a much more sophisticated, market led and technology based solution is required.

The GS model is an ‘end to end’ solution that enables access to knowledge, technology and micro finance. We support financially excluded woman to create a profitable business, becoming financially independent – creating a ripple effect of change in their family and community.

A business school in action, our business is building businesses through a unique online platform and face-to-face support for businesswomen. We partner with local community organisations to reach welfare dependant women wanting to start a small business. GS works lean and smart, powered by technology, pro bono partnerships and volunteer experts. Read more here.

Kiva, U.S. based International Charity

A Charitable partner (recipient of cash donation)

Kiva.orgKiva provides microloans to independent small business owners in impoverished countries. Read more here.


This initiative needs support in terms of volunteer business mentors, business coaches, and employers willing to hire ambitious, passionate refugees. At Kindred, we hope to mobilize our community to support their cause in the Sydney surrounds, NSW.


Ignite is an initiative of SSI, a government funded settlement service for refugees arriving in NSW. Ignite takes the most ambitious and passionate entrepreneurial refugees and supports them to turn their dreams into a business. From marketing plan support, to mentorship, business coaching and more, Ignite helps get these new migrants on their feet and self-supporting quickly. Featured many times in the media, Ignite is an important resource for a highly skilled demographic in need. Whenever possible, we like to let our community here at Kindred know about what Ignite is up to, what gaps they have, and periodically do a call out for any mentors who are able to volunteer time with refugee entrepreneurs.



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