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What makes a mentee irresistible?

An experienced UK mentor in the E-Commerce, Retail and Manufacturing sector shares what makes a mentee irresistible!

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Here’s how you (the mentee) can present yourself in order to find the right mentoring match and achieve the best results

By Gabriele Urban (see her mentor profile here!)

I am an experienced mentor and have been for some time now. Thus I have read many project descriptions, in the course of which I’ve noticed a pattern I refer to as “Off the Cuff.” This style of project request is so common that I wanted to briefly blog about it. You see, a mentor needs a great deal of clarity in the mentee’s project description, and the more the better in order to offer you the very best support and exceptional expertise.

Let me show you some samples of this “Off the Cuff” style:

I need help to manage my time as I have two children and find it difficult to utilise my time effectively. I need help keeping focused. I have finally decided to take action. My focus is property investing. I have invested time and money in other businesses, but I’ve decided that my goal is to be a successful property investor.

The mentee is looking for help in property investing, clearly, but for what exactly?

As a mentor, I can filter out the following: the business has not been created, there are some thoughts—perhaps just an idea with no solid foundation. She has limited time because of her family commitments, or is still learning via an online course and her strategy is yet unknown. In this case, I would advise her to rethink the idea, put all her thoughts down on paper, gather information about the current property market in the UK, incluidng how to finance the idea, and read up on the laws and rules of renting and become a landlord and so forth.

You can see from my example that in this case, I’ve not got much to go on.

The next example is clearer for a mentor and in no time the mentoring process can start.

EyeballTech (fictional name) is a platform that offers multilingual support for a variety of different guest applications. Guest and hospitality apps are our specialities. EyeballTech is replacing restaurant paper menu with tablets and EyeballTech helps restaurants to monetize their free WiFi and turn it into most powerful marketing tools by building email lists and increasing social engagement on autopilot. Also, we help restaurants to install wireless mobile phone charging. I came up with this idea when I was in Brazil. Whenever I visit a restaurant I find it difficult to understand their food menus because of the language and I also noticed how people ran out of battery power from their mobile phone and people don`t have much access to free WiFi. When I came back home I started to put all the ideas together. We have made a video clip for our website so the customer will have a good overview of the app function. I need help with pricing and selling of the service, plus marketing strategies.

As a mentor, I can see the business is operating as there is a website and it’s clearly presented. I can see a passion for the product and I can see in which area the mentee is looking for help.

My final advice to all mentees is:

  1. Clearly introduce your business.
  2. Add a link to your website in your project request, and if you don’t have one yet, point that out or add social media links in any case.
  3. Remember that the time of a mentor who is looking for a mentee is limited and there is competition, so try to use bullet points in order to describe what your business is about and what you are seeking keep it very clear and readable.
  4. Make sure that you clearly state in which area you need help and support, and it is also helpful to say what approaches have not worked out for you in the past.
Gabriele Urban, Mentor

Gabriele Urban, Mentor

A great mentor will not run your business, of course, but is willing to get you on the right path, try and test various approaches, and most importantly, keep regular communication going.

Personally, I offer my mentees an action plan which will be filled in with weekly tasks and goals so that the mentee will learn and improve time management, which I find crucial for productivity.

Whatever the mentor’s approach, the most important thing you can do as a mentee is follow my four suggestions and in time you are likely to find a mentor who can truly help you!

Check out Gabriele’s mentor profile HERE!



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