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What is Micro-Mentoring?

micro mentoring

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Micro mentoring defined

Micro mentoring is the act of participating in mentoring on a specific or ad hoc basis.

The word ‘mentoring’ usually elicits an image of an ongoing relationship between a business owner and a wise old man or women. The mentor shares their vast experience from all aspects of their own career to help shape the mentees business. Perhaps they both converse over a coffee on a weekly or monthly basis.

Where micro mentoring is different is in the fact that it is generally task oriented. Perhaps a new business owner needs help with a particular section of their business plan, or the entire thing. A plumber is starting his own plumbing business but is unsure about vehicle selection, fit out, and branding. A new cafe owner needs help finding wholesale suppliers. A micro mentor is happy to help with specific tasks such as these, rather than commit to an ongoing relationship that may see them help with many aspects a business.

The added benefit of micro mentoring is that a business owner can work with multiple mentors. Every mentor has their own strengths. Why not work with multiple mentors to benefit from each mentor’s strengths? Perhaps George has knowledge about vehicle selection and fit outs. He’s a plumber of 20 years and has bought dozens of vans over the years. But he doesn’t know the first thing about social media marketing. Stephanie on the other hand is an expert in digital and social media marketing and also has knowledge of the plumbing industry.

Why a business owner may choose micro mentoring instead of macro or traditional mentoring

The two main reasons business owners choose micro mentoring over traditional forms of mentoring are time and money. Macro mentoring takes the form of more formal, ongoing relationships with mentors, or mentoring programs. Both may require ongoing commitments of time which may not be necessary, or more than a business owner can handle at the given time. Ongoing business mentoring, be it with an individual mentor or as part of a program, mean ongoing expenses. Mentoring programs can run into the thousands of dollars per months. This is often too much for a small business owner with a limited budget. Instead, they would prefer to spend their budget resolving their most pressing questions and concerns.

What sort of mentoring does Kindred facilitate?

Kindred will primarily help facilitate micro mentoring relationships. We realise that most small business owners have one or a few pressing questions that if answered would change their business dramatically. We want to facilitate exchanges that are specific and represent good value for money for small business owners with a small budget. That said, the platform will also accommodate ongoing mentoring relationships by allowing a mentee to book multiple sessions or a package.




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