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Have you finished your degree but still don’t feel you’re up to speed with the technology you need to grow your career? Do you need help upskilling? Are you not sure what kinds of professional opportunities are even available to you? [Read this in Chinese here].

If you’re in tech, you probably know and understand well how difficult it is to develop your professional expertise. Fortunately, there are some great resources out there to improve your coding skills, your professional development, and your networking (see below).

What do you not know that you need to know?

You may be just starting out, and find that the university courses fall short of what you need to be employable in a fast-moving marketplace, as technology itself evolves more quickly than even the courses you’ve taken! You may be wanting to develop skills in areas such as: JavaScript, SQL, Backbone.js, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Java Android Studio, Ruby on Rails, 3D modeling, hobby game development, Python, back end challenges like node, express.js, mongoDB, UI/UX — to name but a few. The list is endless. In my travels and communications, I’ve met people wading their way through all of the above, desperately wanting some additional personal support to go to the next level!

Or, maybe YOU can offer personalized mentorship to help upskill a hopeful learner in one of/ those above areas?

Career Mentorship in Tech

Even if the concern is moving into a new role, into a different company, and wanting some support with skills, learning how to network and more, we would love to have mentors and mentees providing career guidance. Registration as a mentor or mentee is free, and mentors, you can set whatever prices you like for your offerings. Just go here to register, and be in touch with any questions or concerns (and we have a 24 hour help desk!).

Resources for Careers in IT/Tech

Of course, there are loads of resources online, some paid and some free! Here are some highly recommended resources below:

FreeCodeCamp free coding camp online; meet and network with other coders in your area to learn, network, and more.

Hackerrank online challenges to sharpen your coding skills

General Asssembly originally from NY, General Assembly offers courses online and in person in cities all over the world, covering all areas tech from coding, to UX, business development and more

Udemy courses take a cheap online course to learn coding from home

Pluralsight measure your technical knowledge and find out what you need to learn in order to get where you’re going

Bridge Foundry find a tech workshop in a city near you, and meet others in person whilst bridging your skills gaps

Institute of Code participate in a residential coding retreat in Bali, learning to code with experienced mentors before an evening of wining and dining, and with breaks at the poolside… effective learning with fun and relaxation

Academy XI offers UX, service design, product management, and virtual reality courses in Sydney and Melbourne to help you learn the skills you need to take your career further.


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