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Our Mission

We believe we’re better together.

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Kindred Global Mentorship puts you in the driving seat of your career. Personalized mentorship delivers a world of education and support to your doorstep – and it’s all uniquely tailored to your goals and needs.

What is Mentorship?

Mentorship is upskilling in your industry.

Mentorship is help and guidance with a work project.

Mentorship is moral support.

Mentorship is overall career guidance.

Kindred is a marketplace that connects real people, for personalized and tailored mentorship. Mentors offer services and set their fees. Mentees connect and have as few or as many sessions as they need. Some of our profits go to fund charities operating to end poverty in developing countries.   This is a community which is excited to be helping and contributing to a world in which human connection is the most important factor in growing oneself, growing one’s career, and giving those who most need it a leg up.  Have a look around, register a mentor or mentee profile for free, and be in touch with any feedback, requests and suggestions.

Find out more about being a MENTOR on Kindred (and be paid to do it).

Find out more about being a MENTEE on Kindred (how to find a mentor who is all about you).

Our mission is to provide an online platform that empowers people of any industry in any country to connect to each other for mutual benefit, to achieve professional dreams.

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