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Composition with different ethnicity people from all over the world. Concept about integration, diversity and people

About Kindred & Mentorship

What Kindred is about and what mentorship is all about.

Featured Mentors, Featured Industries

Each of these blogs is written by a mentor answering the question: What I wish I’d known starting out in my industry/profession. These blogs are industry specific and aim to resource people like you in YOUR industry.

Ethical & Fairtrade Business

What is ethical, socially responsible, and fairtrade business, why it is important, and what we are doing about it at Kindred Global Mentorship.

Business Resources

Very practical, no nonsense tips and resources for business owners. Each blog is usually targeted at one industry or profession or is about a specific business program or resource.

Podcast: Let’s Get Real

Kindred’s podcast interview business people about life on the ground – what it takes to make it happen, what they wish they’d known starting out.



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