Kindred is where people help each other grow their businesses, careers and reputations globally

How it Works

Below are some common questions and answers to help get you started using the platform. Our help agents in the popup window below are ready to support you as well if you cannot find your answer here!

How Do I Register?

  • Buttons are throughout site “register” and on Homepage.

What do I need to say/do/know in order to set up a profile?

  • When you write your profile description please upload a photo.
  • Include your social media links and if you are a mentor, your rates for our set offerings: email correspondence; one skype session; package of 3 skype sessions; 3 months mentorship.
  • You must have a private email associated with your account to receive notifications. It can be the same as your publicly displayed email, but does not have to be.
  • You will need to pay via PayPal (or if a mentor, to receive payment via Paypal) and be able to use Skype in order to get your mentorship (unless both mentor/mentee live locally)

Display Profile Information and Privacy

Display name is not the same as your name and you can be private about this

Public and a private email (you cannot submit offers without one)

Can I be a mentor AND a mentee?

Yes, you just need to register separate profiles.

As a mentee, can I post more than one project, for example if I need mentoring in two different areas of my business, or if I have two businesses?

Yes. This is a project based platform, so you can put forth as many requests for mentorship as you like. In fact, often ‘micro-mentoring’ is the most helpful way to get help, since there might be different people who are each experts in a very particular aspect of your business.

You may not know immediately if you need to break your request for mentorship into separate projects, each with a different focus, or indeed how. In that case, you might want to post your project and as you meet mentors, you might realize that your mentor’s expertise in one area is limited, in which case you might want to seek additional support via another project.

Accepting an offer of mentorship: How Tos

  • Go to ‘Projects’ from your dashboard
  • From the ‘Actions’ dropdown on the project, click ‘View Proposals’. A list of Mentors who have offered their services will be displayed
  • To view individual proposals, click on ‘View Proposal’ from the ‘Actions’ dropdown
  • From this page, you can select the package you wish to purchase and then select candidate you wish to engage
  • Once engaged, the mentor will receive an email notification letting them know they have been selected. Each party will need to agree to each others terms and accept before engageing in business via the ‘accept’ button when viewing terms
  • Each party will need to enable Escrow to allow the transfer of funds. A message will pop up to prompt you to enter your email address associated with Paypal

You’ve been selected as a mentor, what next?

  • You will receive an email notification letting you know that you have been selected. The email will contain a link to ‘terms’ and you will need to accept the mentees terms before engaging in business together
  • You will need to enable Escrow to allow the transfer of funds. A message will pop up to prompt you to enter your email address associated with Paypal
  • Once escrow has been enabled, the mentee will be required to transfer funds to you, which will be held by the system, until such time as the project is marked as completed by the mentee.
  • You can now click on the ‘actions’ dropdown for that project (from the projects link on your dashboard) and choose the option to ‘Transfer Funds’.

What is escrow?

Escrow, via Paypal, holds your money securely until the funds are released after the completion of the agreed upon mentorship session. Just like at Upwork and other service-based platforms, this ensures that the person offering mentorship is assured that funds are available so long as the work is agreed. For the mentee, it means you pay the money up front but can release it after your session, unless there is a dispute.

I completed my mentorship, but the mentee hasn’t marked the job as completed and released funds. What do I do?



I have not been satisfied with the mentorship I received. What are my options?




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