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I’m seeking about a mentor experienced with digital marketing and sales to help me to sale product and improve the brand of my business.

by dassiorleando (n/a)
I’m the main driver of this platform: and we principally want to give to other businesses the same opportunities to get a large amount of customer without spending a lot of money but by giving small goods or free SMS to customer. Customers accepts business’s offers to have free SMS. We are a cloud…

1 year ago
Marketing & PR

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Priyash Nigam

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Industry: Accounting and Tax Services
Category: Accounting & Compliance
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vickylydon Sydney NSW, Australia

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I have been exposed and involved in business my entire life. My grandfather and father have both owned, bought, built & sold businesses. I remember always following them around asking questions and learning from a young age.

Not all the experiences I have had in business have been great ones. I did see my father and grandfather both have huge success in business but that success didn’t come with out mistakes, tears, fears and failures.

I have also been part of business as an employee and stakeholder that have succeeded and struggled. The great thing about being exposed to business at a young age is that I learnt business is not for the faint hearted, its hard! If it fails it could hurt you BUT if it works it can be so powerful.

I love being involved in business because it creates opportunities through jobs, charity, innovation & education. Business owners, managers and employees have the ability to change the world by helping build strong profitable companies that can share their success with others.

My purpose in life is to help build profitable companies that have the power to create opportunities for it’s own people and the greater community. I want to help improve people and business through innovation, education and with the example I set.

Also never forget to have fun along the way.

Industry: Building & Construction
Category: Accounting & Compliance
Skills: LeadershipPersonal DevelopmentStaff ManagementStaff PerformanceStrategyTeam CultureTeamwork
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MarnieJones Sydney NSW, Australia

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I exist to help business owners – that is my passion. I see that business owners give a lot to the world and it is upsetting to hear time and time again that business owners invest in the help of others and receive little in return. It’s no wonder the skepticism that comes with business mentor-ship and coaching – it shouldn’t be this way!

I ask my clients and associates to judge me based on my results, not on what I promise. I have a lot to give to business owners and no matter the business, industry, or position you’re in, your success is dependent on your ability to work with people.

Whether you’re working with prospects, team members, suppliers, clients or partners, they’re all people. You may notice that those companies/CEOs/team members who do well in their endeavors share a common skill-set: the ability to communicate and work with other people.

My skill-set is teaching others simple but effective tools that assist with staff management, executive mind-set, sales, leadership, change management, staff performance, personal efficiency, confidence and power, communication and interpersonal ability.

If you’re curious about how I may be able to assist you, drop me a line with the key issues you’re having and we can explore the solutions.

Industry: Business Services
Category: Business Leadership
Skills: Executive AbilityLeadershipMindsetPersonal DevelopmentStaff ManagementStaff PerformanceStrategyTeam CultureTeamwork
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Natalie Carden Northern Rivers NSW, Australia

$0.00 per hour
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I love helping you get to where you want to go! I work with all sorts of practitioners in private practice, mostly natural therapy practitioners and coaches. With 20yrs experience in a variety of health fields and 12 yrs in private practice I’ve just about seen it all. I believe in those who help others and believe that they need to be looked after just as much as the clients they are caring for (and sometimes more). I understand the unique industry we are in and how difficult business can be for those who care. From big issues of practice management to transforming or upgrading you and your practice to small issues that need support to work through, all you need to do is reach out, that’s why I am here!

BApp Sc (OT), Dip HSc (Kinesiology), Cert IV Training and Assess, Clinic Supervision, NLP Coaching, Mentoring

Industry: Alternative Health & Wellbeing
Category: Business Development
Skills: ClarityCoachingGaining balanceMentoringMindsetNatural Therapy industryPersonal DevelopmentStrategySupervision
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krystle_divertie Gold Coast QLD, Australia

$0.00 per hour
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Do you want to look GOOD?
Invest in your team to be GREAT!

Do you have a team of 5 or more? Do you find yourself completing their jobs instead of being a leader? Do you have a high staff turnover? A recent study by the Australian Psychological Society found that one in seven Australians experienced depression and nearly half attributed this to their jobs. Further research into depression in the workplace shows the reason staff experience dissatisfaction is a poor work environment and the feeling of being treated unfairly.

To resolve individual problems and improve team productivity, many managers are turning to facilitated team development programs. Managers are seeing huge increases in individual and team productivity and subsequent increases to their annual revenue and profits.

As one of the Managing Directors of COOEE Consultants, I’ve delivered team development programs in various industries including but not limited to education, hospitality and mining. I’ve facilitated managers and their teams to real outcomes and lasting results using profiling and experiential learning activities.

I’m passionate about enabling and inspiring individual amazingness within every team and adding value to not only their work life but their consequent home life too. I love hearing teams confidently and competently engaging each other in their experiences and how that converts into the working team environment long after the program was delivered.

Do you want a Leadership makeover and the ability to empower your team to manage up so you can finally be that GREAT Leader instead of a Meagre Manager then please contact me.

Industry: Education & Training
Category: Business Development
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