Kindred is where people help each other grow their businesses, careers and reputations globally


What is Kindred Global Mentorship?

about Kindred Mentorkindred



one’s family and relations.


similar in kind; closely connected/related

Kindred is all about people helping each other.

For businesses and entrepreneurs in any industry

Kindred is an online platform to match a person looking to start or grow a business with someone in that person’s industry who can provide tailored guidance and support.

Whether you’re a consultant, a plumber, a massage therapist, a dentist, a graphic designer, or anything else, Kindred’s platform will give you access to people in your industry from whom you can either receive guidance, or give guidance via mentorship.

One of the most effective ways to grow a business is by connecting with someone in your industry who can give you personal, tailored guidance. If you’ve achieved growth in your own business and want to lend someone else a hand, then mentoring someone can not only increase your expertise, it can also grow your reputation. We will do this on the Kindred platform via star ratings.

Payment and Charitable Component

The platform is free to use! You only pay if you book a mentorship session (either a single one or a package of a few, from under $100 AU and US to start).

The best part of our revenue model is that as part and parcel of transacting, you are automatically helping grow businesses in developing countries: 15% of our pre-tax profits are donated to charities that fund small business growth, and right now we are partnered with, so donations will be in the form of micro-loans to people in need who are starting their own businesses.

Yes, this means the donations create a never-ending cycle of giving, because when the loans are paid back, they will be donated again, ad infinitum.

Why give back?

We believe that a for-profit business can and should be socially responsible, contributing to causes which help others in need. The growth of owner-operated, small to medium businesses in developing countries is one of the keys to ending poverty worldwide as it strengthens local economies, reduces reliance on foreign corporations, and empowers families to become economically self-sufficient.

This is why we’re called Kindred. It’s all about being connected, and helping each other.

Any questions, please just head over to our Contact page. Meanwhile, sign up for our newsletter to be in touch with news about launch, partnerships, offers, and more!

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