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For a succinct run through of what being a MENTOR involves on the Kindred platform, from finding mentees, to creating proposals and more, click here.

For this same run through about being a MENTEE, click here.

All other and many sundry FAQs are below! You can also chat with our helpdesk which will pop up on your screen at any moment.

How do I register?

Buttons are throughout site “register” and on Homepage.

Is it free to create a profile?

Yes! Mentees can post projects (for mentorship) at no cost for 30 days. After 30 days they can renew their projects for a cost of AU$7.99. Please see the FAQ below about the credit system for mentors.

Do you charge users for using this platform?

Yes, but charges are minimal and help us keep running - such as marking your listing as Urgent or Featured! And yes, mentees pay for mentorship. See other FAQs for what listing options and prices there are for mentees and mentors.

What does being a mentee involve on Kindred's platform?

You can read our dedicated page about that here:

What does being a mentor involve on the Kindred platform?

You can read our dedicated page about that here:

How do I let a mentor know I'm interested in their services?

You simply go to their profile and click "Make Contact," which is directly below their photo/avatar. Then, they will receive an email immediately notifying them that you are interested and suggesting that they check out your profile and project. They are then able to offer you mentorship if they feel they are the suitable candidate.

For this reason, it's really important that you be very detailed on your project as to what you are looking for, and your skills and experience so far. That way, the mentor will gain a very clear idea of what you need and if they can help you!

How do I accept an offer of mentorship?

First, go to your dashboard. This is on the top right of the screen where it says, "Hi, Your Name."

Next, click on the right where it says Projects on your dashboard;

From the ‘Actions’ dropdown on the project, click ‘View Proposals’. A list of Mentors who have offered their services will be displayed;

To view individual proposals, click on ‘View Proposal’ from the ‘Actions’ dropdown;

From this page, you can select the package you wish to purchase and then select a candidate you wish to engage;

Once engaged, the mentor will receive an email notification letting them know they have been selected. Each party will need to agree to each others terms and accept before engaging in business via the ‘accept’ button when viewing the terms;

Each party will need to enable Escrow to allow the transfer of funds. When you register, a message will pop up to prompt you to enter your email address associated with Paypal

I'm a business coach/consultant. Can I be a mentor?


But please be aware that on this platform, your role is also as a mentor. You might wonder how that's different, so please sure to read our blog here: /business-coach-v-mentor/

It doesn't mean that you can't do things the way you always have done, but there are some important differences that you are agreeing to by using this platform.

For example, mentors are open to providing emotional support. This doesn't mean your mentee needs lots of compliments or will fall apart in a session - it just means that a mentee needs to feel supported as an individual, and not just as a business person seeking advice. Wanting to grow or start a business can be isolating, so letting off some steam is par for the course (there is an entire chapter in our e-book STUCK? on this issue of feeling isolated).

Also, as a mentor, realize that your sessions may run off the plan, and that's okay. You are reacting to what is present in each session, and your goals/strategy as a 'coach' may well NEED to deviate in order to be personalized and supportive mentorship.

In short, we'd love to have your business coaching skills on Kindred, just think of it as adding that little bit extra to your experience!

What do I need to know/write/do in order to set up a user profile?
  • When you write your profile description please upload a photo. Photos are really important for making your profile feel 'approachable'!
  • Include your social media links and if you are a mentor, your rates for our set offerings: email correspondence; one skype session; package of 3 skype sessions; 3 months mentorship.
  • You must have a private email associated with your account to receive notifications. It can be the same as your publicly displayed email, but does not have to be.
  • You will need to pay via PayPal (or if you are a mentor, to receive payment via Paypal) and be able to use Skype in order to have your mentorship sessions (unless both mentor/mentee live locally)
What is my display profile information and how does it protect my privacy?

Your display name does not have to be the same as your actual name, so you can choose to be private about this.

You have to input a public and a private email (you cannot submit offers without each of these). They can be different if you like, in order to protect your privacy.

As a mentor, what percentage of the transaction do I keep?

Kindred retains 15% of the transaction, which means mentors receive 85%. Our fee not only keeps our business running, but makes sure we can earn enough revenue to set aside for our charitable donation. At Kindred, we are all about transparency! Our percentage is in the range of what other freelancing sites retain from transactions, for example, recent research reports this:

Odesk 10%
Elance 8.75%
Freelancer 14%
99 Designs 40%

In order to earn what you deserve, please set your mentorship prices to take this into consideration! Just decide what you want to earn, and add 15% above that for fees.

Can I be on the site as a mentor AND a mentee?

Yes, you just need to register separate profiles.

As a mentee, can I post more than one project, for example if I need mentoring in two different areas of my business, or if I have two businesses?

Yes. This is a project based platform, so you can put forth as many requests for mentorship as you like. In fact, often ‘micro-mentoring’ is the most helpful way to get help, since there might be different people who are each experts in a very particular aspect of your business.

You may not know immediately if you need to break your request for mentorship into separate projects, each with a different focus, or indeed how. In that case, you might want to post your project and as you meet mentors, you might realize that your mentor’s expertise in one area is limited, in which case you might want to seek additional support via another project.

You’ve been selected as a mentor, what next?

• You will receive an email notification letting you know that you have been selected. The email will contain a link to the ‘terms’ and you will need to accept the mentee's terms before engaging in business together;
• You will need to enable Escrow to allow the transfer of funds. A message will pop up to prompt you to enter your email address associated with Paypal;
• Once escrow has been enabled, the mentee will be required to transfer funds to you, which will be held by the system, until such time as the project is marked as completed by the mentee.
• Once mentorship is complete, you can now click on the ‘actions’ dropdown for that project (from the projects link on your dashboard) and choose the option to ‘Transfer Funds’.

What is escrow and how does it work?

Escrow, via Paypal, holds your money securely until the funds are released after the completion of the agreed upon mentorship session. Just like at Upwork and other service-based platforms, this ensures that the person offering mentorship is assured that funds are available so long as the session agreed upon has been completed. For the mentee, it means you pay the money up front but can release it after your session, unless there is a dispute.

I completed my mentorship, but the mentee hasn’t marked the job as completed and released funds. What do I do?

For now, until we establish a dispute resolution process, email Michelle at

I have not been satisfied with the mentorship I received. What are my options?

We're really sorry to hear that, and appreciate that you gave it a go! Hopefully, this won't happen again. It's possible that the mentor in question wasn't the right one for you, or else you didn't establish at the outset your mutual goals and approach. As I noted in the previous question, until we establish a dispute resolution process, email Kindred founder & CEO Michelle Dixon at for some personal support, because we definitely want to make sure we did all we could and to find out how we can prevent this sort of thing happening in the future! In the meantime, please be sure to read the free ebook giveaway STUCK (see the optin boxes on the homepage) for some advice as to how to determine if a mentor is right for you!

What is the credit system for mentors?

When you join as a mentor, you are allocated 5 credits, and gain an addition 5 free credits at the first of the month. These can be used for the following purposes:

1 credit = place a proposal
3 credits = feature a proposal to a mentor

Extra credits

Mentors can purchase extra credits for a cost of $9 per 5 credits.

What are the listing prices and extra features for mentees?

Listing prices are for mentees who are wanting to list a project for more than 1 month. It is free to list a project for 30 days. At the end of the month, you will be given the option to renew your listing for another 30 days at a cost of AUS $7.99

Extra paid features

Mark project as urgent for 30 days = Aus$24.99

Mark project as a featured listing in the job category for 30 days = Aus$24.99

Why are payment currencies in Australian dollars?

As we are based in Australia, we have set the currency to AUD. We can revisit this in the future as more users are registered from elsewhere. It does mean that you need to work out the exchange rate and set your rates in AUD. For those in the U.S. the Australian dollar amount will be numerically higher. For example, AUD$10 is about US$7. For current rates, check:

Why does this platform work the way it does?

We are working with this early beta platform in order to get user feedback and then to continue to modify and build something 100% purpose-built for our users. Please always give us feedback for what works for you and what doesn't work for you, so that we can continue to create a user-friendly platform that meets your needs and which you love using.

What qualifications do I need to be a mentor? How do I know if I can mentor someone?

First, did you know that if you subscribe to our newsletter, you will get a free ebook by our founder that is all about what mentoring is, how important it is, and how to do it? You can either get it from our website (look to your right or scroll to the bottom of your screen), or go here:

Regarding any special qualifications, nothing is required, since there is no ONE qualification shared by all people who have achieved success in their professional lives.

You need to really think about what areas you'd be able to mentor someone in, in your profession. Here are some suggestions to help you that our founder has written about elsewhere. You might ask yourself:

1. What professional skills do I have and in what areas do I really shine? This could be a technical skill, but also think about business skills like branding, marketing, and character attributes like idea generation, perseverance when times are tough, and so on.
2. What big wins have I had in my career and how might I help someone else experience that?
3. How has my work experience given me unique insight into my industry/profession, and how can I convey this to a mentee?
4. How are my listening skills? Because mentees will want to talk to you about the concerns they have, so you must be someone who is good at listening and being supportive.
5. If in doubt, contact a mentee and start a dialogue. Find out what they need, and get a sense of whether or not you are able to help them!

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