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Email List Builder

email list builder

Email List Builder

Every business needs to build a list of potential customers. How do you do it? It used to be a case of collecting emails manually, sticking them in an Xcel spreadsheet, and laboriously keeping track of it (I used to do this). Nowadays software makes this easy and it’s very inexpensive.

Put an opt-in form on your site that says something like “Join my newsletter to learn more about xxx,” someone signs in, and viola! You are collecting emails from people who could become your customers. With one click of the button, you can send a beautifully crafted email (made easily with included templates) to everyone on your list; you can see who has opened your email, and collect other stats at the click of a finger.

How a customer list can grow your business

Having an email list is a great way to keep in touch with your fans, readers, and customers.  With one click, you can let readers know that you published your latest blog, or released a new product. You can ask for feedback. You can even create a product launch formula (such as created by Jeff Walker) to help you generate the momentum for your latest offerings. Even if you have a brick and mortar business, having a list of customers is a great way to keep in touch and offer specials and discounts for your online fans. You can (like we do at Kindred), offer a free e-book in exchange for someone’s email, getting your material in front of a wider audience. For any kind of business, collecting email is an easy and effective way to enhance your current marketing.

MailChimp v. Aweber

My recommendation is Aweber.

Whilst Mailchimp integrates easily with most websites, and many themes, and is free to get initially, it’s not free if you set up an automated email series, as everyone should. What automation means is that when a person signs up for your newsletter, they automatically begin to receive emails which you can create, to arrive within a specified interval from one another. In Mailchimp, it’s free to sign up for the service, with which you can do all manner of things like create an opt in form, send announcements…but you must pay to automate a series of emails. This means that in terms of value, it’s not really a cheaper option than Aweber unless you have a very small list.

Also, although I have used MailChimp with Kindred due to its integration with our current web design, I do find Aweber a much more intuitive framework and therefore much easier to figure out, and use it elsewhere as a preference. Definitely have a look around both, and decide for yourself.


This interface is very simple, and the fixed price of about $20 per month includes as many automated emails as I want.

Get Started Today For Only $1! – AWeber CommunicationsEmail marketing made easy.

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