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Podcast: Cyber Security Threats & Career Opportunities



Cyber Security: Threats and Career Opportunities

In this podcast, Steve talks about what cyber security means and what the threats are, from wizards on the dark web to ransomware viruses, the internet of things, infrastructure hacks, and much, more.Not only that: he talks about how he got into industry and what qualifications and experience YOU need in order to build a career in cyber security.

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Academic mentoring at university


Luis Freire is an academic mentor in English mentoring composition on an academic level as a prerequisite to advanced study, career objective, or professional development. His Kindred mentor profile is here

A failing student promptly rebounds into the top strata of the classroom

In 2009, I began work as an English mentor at Rutgers University. I successfully guide English students through the intricacies of analysis, composition, and research courses in order to meet graduation and scholarship requirements. The students report higher scoring and renewed interested in a vital skill, both for college survival and for career prospects; especially in key components of management.

Throughout the years I have devoted to mentoring others, I have seen students struggle with grammar, reading, or examinations with no definite plan or recourse. This has occurred equally across all school levels; from elementary school to doctoral students. The challenges are just as varied: from physical disability in children to neglected skills in adults; notwithstanding, foreign students.

The most important aspect of mentoring is the lasting contribution to another person by supporting them on their path to enlightenment and fulfillment. Everybody faces challenges when deciding to embark on a new mission. That decision is made easier through the nurturing presence of a mentor.

lfreireWhat I wish I had known while venturing into academic training

Although it is important to be gainfully employed throughout life, I realized through my current training responsibilities that success is partially defined by how much you help others to achieve their personal goals. The knowledge that is shared through the learning experience is invaluable and far more satisfying than money alone. People fail to realize that cultural differences, matters of opinion, or employment practices can be alleviated through knowledge. More importantly, learning does not stop at graduation, it continues beyond a career path, well into the senior years. Education can make life transitions more enjoyable and productive through healthy and creative pursuits.

Do you need some help with academic composition and assignments? 

View Luis Kindred profile here and click ‘contact’ to be in touch with him!


Risks and Opportunities in Cyber Security

cyber security mentor

cyber security mentorby Steve Gibson, view his mentor profile here!

Today, addressing information and cyber security in business can no longer be dealt with effectively by black box solutions, as provided by internal or external IT services, but needs to be tackled companywide. The rise of the hacking community, terrorists and nation states are making front page headlines every day and there is no sign that they will be going away anytime soon.

My goal is therefore twofold;

  • Firstly, to help managers and business leaders to identify the threats that can affect their businesses so that they can develop coherent strategies to address them.
  • Secondly, to help the existing talent pool upskill so that they support the growing needs of all industries in the face of increasing Information and Cyber Security threats.

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What makes a mentee irresistible?

Gabriele Urban, Mentor

An experienced UK mentor in the E-Commerce, Retail and Manufacturing sector shares what makes a mentee irresistible!

being a mentor

Image Source: https://unsplash.com

Here’s how you (the mentee) can present yourself in order to find the right mentoring match and achieve the best results

By Gabriele Urban (see her mentor profile here!)

I am an experienced mentor and have been for some time now. Thus I have read many project descriptions, in the course of which I’ve noticed a pattern I refer to as “Off the Cuff.” This style of project request is so common that I wanted to briefly blog about it. You see, a mentor needs a great deal of clarity in the mentee’s project description, and the more the better in order to offer you the very best support and exceptional expertise. Read more


online mentoring

online mentoringWhy Online Mentoring Is the Fast Track to Success


Finding a mentor is one of the most important things you can do for your career today—and here’s why.


Let’s face it: the old days when you could graduate then waltz into an office and pick up a job for life, working your way up the ladder are pretty much gone these days.


Even getting your foot in the door has become a job in itself!


Ask any recent graduate about their experience, and a familiar story will emerge: people don’t just want degrees anymore. They want experience, too. Before long, you find yourself in a Catch-22 of needing a job for experience, but not having the experience for a job.

如果你问任何一个刚刚毕业的大学生他们的经历,他们会告诉你一个相同的事实:雇主不再只看学历了! 他们更想要工作经验。在不久的将来,你会发现你自己就处在一个死循环中-你需要一份工作来积累经验,但是同时又没有获得那份工作所需的经验。

So what can you do about this?


We all know that the smart solution is—to find a mentor!


Someone who has the experience and who can guide you on your first steps in creating your own successful career. Someone who can help you avoid pitfalls and swerve past roadblocks.

一个可以指导你迈出你成功之路关键的头几步的有经验的人。 一个可以帮助你避免走弯路的人。

Back in the old days, you were limited to finding mentors in your local pool, but now you can find the perfect mentor for you online from a global pool at Kindred Global Mentorship.

在过去,你只能在你本地的有限的范围内寻找导师。但是现在,你可以通过Kindred Global Mentorship遍布全球的导师库中找到属于你的完美的那一位。

Your career growth ultimately depends on your work. Performing well in your job is actually just one small part of this growth. By working on improving yourself and leveraging the expertise and experience of a mentor, you are investing in self-growth and your career.


In this new era of work, your biggest asset is you. You alone can forge your path to the career of your dreams, and finding the right mentor online is one of the most important steps.


The choice is yours: to stay stuck in a Catch-22 situation or to break free and start reaching out for the success you deserve with the guidance of an online mentor.

*Kindred Global Mentorship will always be there for you

你的未来在你手上:是在类似“第而十二条军规”的死胡同中停滞不前,还是勇往直前,在你的在线导师的指引下迈向成功之路,你的未来,由你决定!Kindred Mentor 永远与你同行

Industrial Designer, Startup Founder & Mentor Krister Gustafsson

mentorship in design

Krister’s Mentor profile is here

My background

I’m an industrial designer and my startup creates educational interactive playgrounds for kids. It’s a new media format I pioneered back in 2007 while working in an awesome team at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, starting with the Bupa sponsored Magic Garden (see photos). The design is a learning space that frees kids and teachers to engage the curriculum in a way that feels most natural to them, which makes them both more effective together. This is the type of space where you don’t always see the technology, but it intelligently adapts to your natural way of learning. My goal is to see these installed in kindergartens and schools, and we’ve started to get traction. My stakeholders call the design groundbreaking.

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tech investment consulting很多从事IT的朋友都想方设法进入世界顶级咨询公司例如麦肯锡(Makenzie & Company), 贝恩(Bain & Company)并为其效力。也有很多IT人削尖了脑袋想在顶级投行如高盛 (Goldman Sachs)和摩根大通( J. P. Morgan) 里获得一席之地。 很多人只觉得这些公司逼格很高,可是你又对不同行业的内部情况有多少了解呢?下面,小编就为大家总结一下咨询和投行的相同和不同之处。

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Being a business consultant

Marnie Jones business consultant

Marnie Jones business consultant Marnie Jones: What I wish I’d known about being a successful business consultant

As a business consultant I specialise in training leadership teams on culture, productivity, accountability and expansion. Essentially, I teach business owners and leadership teams how to be more effective, productive, and profitable. People hire me to take their managers to the next level whilst keeping things simple, defining key roles and metrics, and conducting culture training with their teams.

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