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Being a Mentor

Are you mentor material?

If you know enough about your industry or profession to help guide others who are not yet where you’re at, then you are definitely able to mentor.

why be a mentor?


Mentoring is not just about being a wealthy, retired industry leader; it’s far more practical and most importantly, the best mentors are still active in their professions, still changing with the times, with their fingers on the pulse of professional developments in their industry. After all, you only need to be a step ahead to be helpful to someone who is behind you.

What does mentoring involve on Kindred?

Mentors are only limited by the stated scope and need of the mentees they are helping.

1. Overall career guidance for someone who is in your industry/profession

2. Moral support

3. Upskilling (such as training in particular skills/technologies)

4. Help with a work project

What is mentoring?

Why be a mentor?

Money | Growth | Connection


    • Get paid to mentor. Set your own rates. Kindred helps you get paid for your insight and experience.
    • Mentee feedback helps you hone your leadership skills. Ratings help you get more of the work you love.
    • Pay it forward. Kindred helps you build meaningful relationships with aspiring professionals in your industry. As Kevin Spacey said, “If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.”

How To Find a Mentee and Offer Mentorship on the Kindred Platform.

1. Search for a mentee by keyword, or by industry, click on their profile, and have a read. You may receive an email that says a mentee has ‘made contact’ and clicked on your profile; if so, please go check out the mentee’s profile. Once you do, you can then ‘offer mentorship.’

Please note: A mentee may have already expressed an interest in you by making contact. In this case, you will have received an email which says that the mentee [name] has expressed an interest in your mentorship and to please check out their profile. There will be a link to the mentee’s profile in the email. At this stage you are then able to offer mentorship, as per the steps below.

2. Click into their full profile and click on the orange button in the top right, “Offer Mentorship.”

offer mentorship

3. Once you click on it, you will have an opportunity to send a message to the mentee. This is your chance to state why you think you can help the mentee, and to include any commentary you have on their project. For example, you might suggest an email session, or three Skype or face-t0-face sessions, and so on.

4. The mentee must accept your offer. Once they do that, they select an offering, and pay in advance by putting funds in escrow.

5. When the mentoring is complete, the mentor must mark the project “Complete.” Then, the mentee must also mark the project “Complete.” Once this is done, the funds are released from escrow and you are paid.

Your Dashboard

The most important part of the site for an active user is your dashboard, which is located at the top righthand of the screen (where it says, “Hi, Your Name Here.”) Just click on your name. Or, you can click on Notifications, also in the top righthand of the screen. Once you click on it, you will see Your Recent Activity. Here you can click on the links in the listed items to see whatever action needs to be taken next.

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