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Being a Mentee

Do you have a dream of professional success but just need a bit of guidance, upskilling, and support to get there?


Being a mentee on the Kindred platform means that you have an opportunity to find someone who has been in your shoes, and has the skills and experience to help you achieve your dreams.


What is mentoring?Insight | Tailored Guidance | Connection





  • Gain insight from those who have been in your shoes so that you do it smarter, and get where you want faster.
  • Receive tailored guidance. Whether you want specific upskilling, industry-specific career development advice, or moral support, you can define your goals and received personalized support.
  • Build meaningful relationships in industry that matters to you.


How to Find a Mentor and Organize Mentorship

You can browse profiles, search for mentors by industry or category or even keywords. If you find someone you like, you simply click the “Make Contact” button on their profile. When you do this, they receive an email inviting them to look at your profile. They can then offer mentorship. If they do, you will be notified in your “Notifications” to accept the offer of mentorship, to communicate about what you’re after, and to pay into escrow for their services.

When the mentoring is complete, the mentor must mark the project “Complete.” Then, you must also mark the project “Complete.” Once this is done, the funds are released from escrow and the mentor is paid.

Your Dashboard

The most important part of the site for an active user is your dashboard, which is located at the top righthand of the screen (where it says, “Hi, Your Name Here.”) Just click on your name. You can also click on Notifications, also on the top righthand. Once you click on it, you will see Your Recent Activity. Here you can click on the links in the listed items to see whatever action needs to be taken next.

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