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Australian Government Help for Businesses: Small Biz Connect

small biz connectThere is no shortage of government support for entrepreneurs; the problem seems to be getting the word out about it. Federal and state programs for small businesses exist across the country, and are a great first step for getting business advice that is free or very inexpensive – a wonderful alternative to the pricey private coaching programs out there. In this post, I want to highlight one of those offerings, Small Biz Connect in NSW.

NSW help for small businesses

Small Biz Connect was started in late 2012 as an initiative by the state government to give small businesses the help they need to get started and stay in business. There are just over two million small businesses in Australia and more than half of them are in NSW. Moreover, small businesses represent more than 90% of businesses Australia-wide. According to the Treasury, small businesses make a significant contribution to the Australian economy, accounting for slightly less than one-half of private sector industry employment and contributing approximately one third of private sector industry.

Clearly, it’s in the interest of the government to help businesses succeed. As statistics woefully point out, in Australia, an average of 1/3 of new businesses fail in the first year; two our of four in the second year, three of four by fifth year.

Small Biz Connect is one way to improve the success rate of small businesses in NSW.

It offers business owners a quality, personalised and highly subsidised business advisory service (funded by the NSW Government) that can cover many areas of a new or established business, from set up, to structure, budgeting, marketing and more. It’s not just startups that need support! It can be established businesses that have hit a rut, and need some advice.

How it works

Simply dial the 1300 134 359 number, and the phone call is routed to the nearest Small Biz support person.

The first session (a meeting in person or by phone) is free. Then, the advisor might, depending on what’s available in the caller’s area, suggest relevant workshops or one on one programs that are suitable. It all really comes back to what is on offer in the local area where the businessperson is ringing from. The important point is that compared to a commercial business coaching program, the cost is negligible, and the advisors are still qualified in their fields to provide the best guidance possible.

Case studies of businessowners getting help from Small Biz Connect

Saddle Camp

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