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Are you mentor material?

are you a mentor?You might be the perfect mentor…Those at the top of their profession may not be the perfect mentors for you.

Does this sound like the ideal mentor? Someone at the top of a corporate ladder, a millionaire entrepreneur, someone who has made it but is now in a different game, a more elite game – or retired and drinking martinis in a seaside villa!

On the contrary, at Kindred, we believe that the best mentor is someone who is still actively engaged in the market. Technology is constantly developing, which means promotional strategies and revenue possibilities are fast changing. Having a mentor still in the market, in the competitive space, succeeding at it – now that is someone who is able to help you navigate through difficult territory!

Kindred is looking for mentors who:

1. are still building businesses, so they are active and engaged in the market now;

2. have enough knowledge to help others;

3. would gain professionally from positive feedback by mentees; and

4. would like to make some money doing it!

Who are the mentees?

Most early stage entrepreneurs are looking for guidance, but one on one mentorship is particularly useful if you:

1. lack contacts in business;

2. are economically struggling;

3. are a single parent juggling kids and work;

4. lack the qualifications to be part of a professional association or to have access to traditional mentorship programs, which are often in-house.

Personally, although well-trained and armed with degrees, I began my small businesses in the first three categories.

What saved me was hard work, and constant networking. In that way, I grew around me a group of businesspeople who were able to field my questions and give me the support I needed specific to my businesses (life coaching and content writing/web design).

Do you think you have what it takes to mentor someone else?

If you’ve got a business off the ground, and it is growing, and you have some tips to share with someone who hasn’t got as far as you, then chances are, you have valuable insight.

Whether you are working in a trade, or online, from outdoor jobs to graphics and more, if you have something to offer someone starting out in your field, why not give it a go? Earn some cash, grow your reputation in your industry, and be part of community that helps each other, whilst helping grow businesses in developing countries.

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