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Academic mentoring at university

Luis Freire is an academic mentor in English mentoring composition on an academic level as a prerequisite to advanced study, career objective, or professional development. His Kindred mentor profile is here

A failing student promptly rebounds into the top strata of the classroom

In 2009, I began work as an English mentor at Rutgers University. I successfully guide English students through the intricacies of analysis, composition, and research courses in order to meet graduation and scholarship requirements. The students report higher scoring and renewed interested in a vital skill, both for college survival and for career prospects; especially in key components of management.

Throughout the years I have devoted to mentoring others, I have seen students struggle with grammar, reading, or examinations with no definite plan or recourse. This has occurred equally across all school levels; from elementary school to doctoral students. The challenges are just as varied: from physical disability in children to neglected skills in adults; notwithstanding, foreign students.

The most important aspect of mentoring is the lasting contribution to another person by supporting them on their path to enlightenment and fulfillment. Everybody faces challenges when deciding to embark on a new mission. That decision is made easier through the nurturing presence of a mentor.

lfreireWhat I wish I had known while venturing into academic training

Although it is important to be gainfully employed throughout life, I realized through my current training responsibilities that success is partially defined by how much you help others to achieve their personal goals. The knowledge that is shared through the learning experience is invaluable and far more satisfying than money alone. People fail to realize that cultural differences, matters of opinion, or employment practices can be alleviated through knowledge. More importantly, learning does not stop at graduation, it continues beyond a career path, well into the senior years. Education can make life transitions more enjoyable and productive through healthy and creative pursuits.

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