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5 Useful Business Resources for Tradies

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This article shares 5 business resources for tradies that will help you take your businesses to the next level.

According to 2013 stats, there are over 950,000 tradies in Australia. That’s 950,000 carpenters, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, and other tradespeople. No wonder the role of the tradie is so synonymous with Australian culture!

Usually, a tradie will start their life as an apprentice and then will go on to work for a company or start their own business. Rarely do tradies that start their own business have any formal business education.

The typical tradie straight from school learns nothing about business at TAFE, and ends up learning the same mistakes and contempt for customers from their boss who learnt it from theirs. ~ Andrew Pride, business coach to tradies

Are you a tradie looking at expanding your business knowledge? Start by checking out these 5 really useful business resources just for tradies:

Tradies Business Show

This podcast is all about helping tradies develop their business skills. Hosted by Michaela Clark, a tradies wife, and Warwick Tidwell, a mentor who specialises in working with tradies.

Accounting Tips for Tradies in 2015

A laundry list (including laundering your uniform!) of potential tax deductions for tradies.

Top 10 Tips for Tradies’ Businesses

This article gives a stack of great general business tips that every tradie needs to know.

Flying Solo

Flying Solo is a business resource community and discussion forum. Used by small business owners across all sectors, help is never far away and no business question too silly.

Social Media for Tradies

Stephanie Campanella writes about how a tradie can incorporate social media into their marketing plan.

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